Cloud Security

Our Security gives you visibility into your cloud apps and services

Cloud Security

In today’s complex and regulated environment, businesses need to focus on building more secure solutions that deliver value to their customers, partners, and shareholders—both in the cloud and on-premises. Our Security gives you visibility into your cloud apps and services, provides sophisticated analytics to identify and combat cyberthreats and enables you to control how your data travels.

More and more organizations are adopting SaaS apps, not only to reduce cost but also to unlock competitive advantage such as faster time to market and improved collaboration. Even if your company hasn’t embraced cloud application, however, your employees are probably using them.

Our Cloud Security Service Provide

Discover and assess risks

Identify cloud apps on your network, gain visibility into shadow IT, and get risk assessments and ongoing analytics.

Control access in real time

Manage and limit cloud app access based on conditions and session context, including user identity, device, and location.

Information Protection

Get granular control over data and use built-in or custom policies for data sharing and data loss prevention.

Detect and protect against threats

Identify high-risk usage and detect unusual user activities with Microsoft behavioral analytics and anomaly detection capabilities.

Your cloud apps are secured with Velvot

Discovery and risk assessment

Deep Visibility

Identifying cloud apps on your network and gaining visibility into Shadow IT is a first step in securing cloud apps. Cloud App Security recognizes more than 15,000 cloud apps—no agents required. It also evaluates the risk of these apps based on more than 60 parameters, including Multi-factor authentication support, IP address restriction, and regulatory compliance. The risk score can help you decide whether to sanction the app.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

On-going risk detection and details on users, abnormal usage patterns, upload/download traffic and transactions can help you identify anomalies right away. For example, Cloud App Security sends an alert if a user sends a large amount of data to a risky app, and so you can take appropriate action immediately. Data and log anonymization help protect user privacy.

Conditional access

Real-time Monitoring and Control

Uniquely integrated with Azure AD Conditional Access, Cloud App Security can help you limit activities performed within user sessions in SaaS apps based on user identity, location, device state, and detected sign-in risk level. For example, you can allow access to SaaS apps but protect downloads from unfamiliar locations, or block downloads of sensitive documents from unmanaged devices.

Information Protection

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Cloud App Security enables granular control policies and powerful, single-click remediation, including document quarantine and sharing restrictions. You can apply policies—out of the box or customized—to apps from Microsoft or other vendors, such as Box, Dropbox, Salesforce, and more. Cloud App Security can scan and classify files in the cloud, and apply Azure Information Protection labels for protection—including encryption.


Cloud App Security supports your compliance journey with regulatory mandates such as Payment Card Industry (PCI), Health Insurance Accountability and Portability Act (HIPAA), Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), General Data Protection Regulation Use Cloud App Security to apply policies to apps from Microsoft or other vendors, such as Box, Dropbox, Salesforce, and more. (GDPR), and others. Cloud App Security factors compliance with regulations into the risk assessment score for each app, and helps you further control and protect sensitive files through policies and governance.

Threat detection

Behavioral Analytics

Cloud App Security helps identify anomalies in cloud usage that may indicate a data breach by leveraging the vast Microsoft threat intelligence data. It learns how each user interacts with each SaaS app and, through behavioral analytics, assesses the risks in each transaction. These include simultaneous logins from two different continents, the sudden download of terabytes of data, or multiple failed login attempts that may signify a brute force attack.

Mitigation of Ransomware Attacks

Cloud App Security threat detection offers a built-in policy template to detect potential ransomware activity, for example, by searching for unique file extensions. Using this template, you can specify governance actions to suspend suspect users and prevent further encryption of the user’s files.

Integration with existing SIEM and DLP solutions

Through integration with your SIEM and DLP solutions, Cloud App Security helps preserve your familiar workflow. It enables a consistent policy across on-premises and cloud activities, while automating security procedures to better protect your cloud applications.