IT Consulting

Professional IT Consulting Services

Information Technology Consulting

Technology is an integral and potentially differentiating component of your business that both influences and is guided by corporate strategy. At least, that’s how it should work. At Velvot we take a unique approach to IT, working with business leaders to understand your strategic goals and then determining which technological capabilities, systems and support you need to achieve them.

Our passionate consultation go beyond being traditional advisors and aggregators of past knowledge. We help develop bold innovations and new partnerships that empower our clients to disrupt their markets. We view business challenges differently and re-imagine solutions leveraging design thinking, combine new and existing technologies to transcend the limitations of traditional software and accelerate the response of complex technology landscapes.

Infrastructure Management

Data Center Operations

Virtualization Support Services Server, Storage & Backup, and Infrastructure Support Datacenter Implementation and Migration Monitoring Support Services

Database Administration

Professional database administration services, Experts in Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Postgre, excellence management and backup.

Networking Management

ISP Selection, routers, cabling, switches and network design, we deploy and manage your network Infrastructure.

Communication and Collaboration

Online Conferencing

We manage video and audio conference software, Skype for business, WebEx, Go to Meeting.

Corporate Email

We management different email platforms, Microsoft Exchnage, Lotus note, Webmail.

Team Collaboration

Team Bonding, Collaboration and document management with Microsoft sharepoint and Teams.

Information Management

Information management refers to a series of methods to gather, process, distribute and present information to enhance business performance. Robust Information Management (IM) solutions manage the information lifecycle regardless of format (data, paper, electronic documents, audio, video, imaging), or source (systems, machine or user-generated) for delivery through multiple channels including desktop, mobile or web interfaces.

Our Service Value

Velvot helps organizations achieve informational advantages through efficient, mature and innovative business intelligence and analytical services. Portfolio includes Data Integration & Quality, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Performance Management and Big Data. We work closely with you to;

  • Reach new and game-changing levels of performance by modernizing your IT capabilities, including your systems architecture, operating model and cost structure, so your company is ready to pursue its digital future.
  • Improve the value that IT brings to the business, by identifying the resources and capabilities needed to generate lasting results. Focus your investments on what matters most, ensure the right people and processes are in place, reduce complexity, and be confident that your large-scale projects will meet or exceed expectations.
  •  Make IT a source of M&A success, instead of a liability. Develop robust IT merger integration capabilities that enable you to realize maximum success in any deal, without succumbing to the organizational, due diligence or platform pitfalls that so often undercut the anticipated value from an acquisition or divestiture.