With the right tools, a hacking attempt that makes it through your first layer of defenses can still be stopped before it does any damage. Discover how #Microsoft365 can detect and detonate threats to your system before they cause harm.

A truly comprehensive security system does more than just provide “locks” for the entrances to a network, it searches for and reacts to threats that may have already entered the system.

The Advanced Threat Protection integrated throughout Microsoft 365 monitors and protects everything from data, to endpoints, to user identities. These tools are always working behind the scenes to keep your business secure, keeping you in the loop without overwhelming you with information.

At Velvot Nigeria Limited, we believe in securing your business with a holistic strategy. Contact us to learn more.

Technology is not static, and neither, therefore, are the methods cybercriminals can use to gain access to company networks or data. In light of this, an effective security system is one that can learn and react to new threats as they come. Discover the powerful combination of Microsoft tools that provide a comprehensive security strategy for your business.