Financial Services

Financial Services

We will help your company can enable responsiveness to digital transformation in the financial markets by embracing the new digital norm in a transforming financial services industry. The pace of change within the financial services industry continues to accelerate. Regulation, artificial intelligence, data analytics and digital transformation are redefining financial products and services.

Your organization needs 24/7 multi-channel access and personalized services with rigorous cyber-security and data privacy. We’ll help you harness new technologies to drive innovation and competitiveness, increase customer satisfaction, and improve operational efficiencies and agility.

We are enabling financial institutions to increase productivity and exceed consumer expectations all while meeting regulatory compliance standards.

We Know Your Challenges and We Have Solutions

Today’s financial services market is highly competitive, complex and difficult. Particularly due to recent legislation, it is becoming increasingly important to reduce risk, increase compliance, detect fraud, and retain and know your customers. Global digitization, along with unprecedented changes to the financial services business model, is mandating transformation. Financial services were one of the first industries to widely adopt information technology. As a result, legacy systems are commonplace. Many of these systems pose integration challenges. Over the decades, many banks have been involved in mergers and acquisitions, making it not uncommon to have duplicate and non-integrated business applications.

Velvot and Microsoft are uniquely positioned to deliver comprehensive solutions, providing technologies and services to help your business both evolve and transform to solve your modern-day business challenges.

Digital Transformation

Customers Transformation

Consumers are in the driver’s seat. With more options than ever before and a desire for immediate service, customer expectations are changing and manufacturers must learn how to respond. Our Solutions can help you deliver the service that customer’s demand, while helping your organization become more efficient and profitable.

Employees Transformation

Employees are key to your organization’s success. Our Solutions can give you the tools you need to attract talent and keep employees safe on the job, while empowering them to improve business efficiencies and outcome through collaboration and real-time access to information.

Optimize operations

Data is the key to discovering new opportunities and excelling in the digital age. We can help you unlock, merge and compile your data, giving you the ability to identify trends, create breakthrough solutions and most effectively leverage machine learning and the IoT—all in real time.

Products Transformation

Innovation is rapid in today’s market. Our Solutions will help you stay current, finding new ways to connect data and machines so that you can reduce equipment downtime, deal with aging equipment, lower maintenance costs, ensure worker safety and seamlessly manage increasingly complex supply chains. Predictive maintenance could reduce maintenance cost of factory equipment by 10 to 40 percent.

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