Posted by Abbas Musa 19 April 2022

Information Technology has became a vital and integral of every business plan from Multi-national co-operations who maintain systems and Databases to a small Businesses that are on a single computer actually plays a role. The reasons for use of computer technology in businesses are ;-

  1. Communication, for many company emails is principal means of communication between employees suppliers and customers. Email was one of the early drivers of the internet, providing a simple and inexpensive solution for communicating. Over the years a number of other communications tools has revolved.

It’s not professional for a company to have a number in the email address usually, which is what you have to do when you use those ones. For Instance, a company should have a email address Eg. that would be probably a lot more doable-much more professional and will going to build more credibility with people that you interacting with, which are your customers, its free advertising and will push your brand and its quicker and easiest way to build your brand ones you have a domain name.

  1. Inventory Management When it comes to managing Inventory, Organization need to maintain enough stock, track the quality triggering order. It will be mange easily by connecting to sales system.
  1. Data Management The days of large file rooms, rows of filling cabinet and of mailing document is fading fast. Therefore, most companies store Digital version of document in servers, storage devices the document become instantly available for everyone in the company with immediate access.
  1. Management Information System (MIS) Progressive companies use Data as part of their strategic planning as well as the tactical execution strategy. MIS enable companies to track sales data and productivity level and expenses, and track profitability and over time and identify area of improvement.
  1. Customer Relationships Management Companies are using strategy to improve the way they design and manage customer relationships. If a customer calls, the call center with an issues the customer support representative will be able to see what customer purchase and can quickly response to the situation direction stored in CRM system ready to recalled if the customer calls again. The customer is a better more benefit from improved productivity.