Meet Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro. Teams Rooms Pro is a new offer that brings together the value of our existing Teams Rooms features, new innovations, and the Teams Rooms managed service platform—all in one license. Teams Rooms Pro simplifies the purchasing process for our customers and delivers the collective benefits of our advancements in both hybrid meeting experiences and device management.

Teams Rooms Pro will deliver the latest hybrid meeting experiences with a focus on inclusivity, ease of use, flexibility, security, and management. Let’s look at some of the features available or coming soon to Teams Rooms Pro.

Intelligent audio and video: To help everyone be seen and heard, we combine high-quality audio and video from Microsoft Teams-certified devices with video layout options like front row, noise suppression, and bandwidth optimization. Advanced camera capabilities use AI to help remote attendees feel like they are in the room with automatic framing to capture the active speaker.
Increased engagement: Beyond audio and video, one of the best ways for remote participants to establish their presence in a meeting is to engage with ease. We’re bringing popular features from the personal Teams meeting experience to Teams Rooms Pro—including features like wirelessly sharing content, raise hand, and live reactions.