Leveling the playing field with Microsoft Learning Tools.

Student motivation is key to learning. When students are given more control over their learning environment, motivation goes up.

Check out this study to learn more about how the customizability of Learning Tools supports student motivation.

Reading and writing form the foundation of learning and communication. Unfortunately, for struggling readers this often means that to be behind in reading is to be behind in learning altogether.

That’s exactly what Learning Tools like Immersive Reader seek to fix. By removing dependency on teachers or fellow students for reading assistance, students are able to independently tackle more difficult subject matter through an accessible form.

Check out this recent study to learn more about the ways in which Learning Tools supported improved learning outcomes from students at every level, all through a single platform.

In order to answer the questions teachers care about most when considering bringing a new tool into their classroom, Microsoft implemented Learning Tools into eight classrooms across multiple grade levels. Check out those answers and the encouraging results here.

Microsoft implemented Learning Tools in eight classrooms across multiple grade levels to find out whether it really does support learning, especially in the areas of reading and writing. The results are encouraging.