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Google is known for being the top resource for searching information on the web. Now, bring the relevance, speed and familiarity of Google to your organization with Google Enterprise Search. Google Enterprise Search helps employees and customers find what they need, fast. It’s easy to use and manage so you can put your data back to work. Google Search Appliance combines the search expertise of Google Enterprise Search with features that meet today’s business requirements—all in one box—delivering powerful, relevant results to customers and employers alike. Google Search Appliance gives your users one set of integrated search results, no matter the source, using the unique search quality and relevance of Google Enterprise Search. Google Search Appliance pulls content from a multitude of sources, including file shares, intranets, content management systems, enterprise applications, the web and more.

Search Solutions


Give employees powerful tools to search for people, data and documents, from HR to IT – and beyond.

Engineering Design Process

Allow engineers, researchers and scientists to securely find design documentation, test results and research.

Customer Support

Increase customer satisfaction by equipping support center agents with instant access to known issues and case files.


Keep business moving and build better relationships by helping partners find the information they need.


Streamline procurement and get the resources your business needs with easy to find purchasing information.


Increase traffic by making your public facing website more relevant, helpful and easier to navigate.

Business Benefits

Customized Search

Customize search results for specific keywords and translate any document you open into more than 70 languages. Customized, user-friendly interface based on your organization’s specific search needs.

Cut Cost

Significantly reduce training costs by giving agents the familiar, easy to use Google Search interface. The Google Search Appliance can cut training costs by up to 25% per contact center agent.

Improve first-call resolution

The Google Search Appliance finds the exact information an agent is searching for, helping them quickly communicate accurate solutions to customer problems.

Increase Productivity

When agents spend less time searching for the right information, they can focus on helping customers. The Google Search Appliance reduces average call times by up to 20%.

Let's Velvot Help You

We can help you plan, implement and optimize your Google Enterprise Search solution based on your specific business needs. Velvot provides comprehensive consultative services to integrate powerful and effective resources and workflows your company needs to be more relevant in the digital age. Work with the right Google Enterprise Search partner to provide your customers and employees with solid, relevant results across devices and platforms to streamline your business.

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