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Your environment deserved a superior quality service management.
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Redefining your IT Services for modern Business


Reclaim the time you need to grow your business by eliminating IT distractions. Partner with us to free internal IT resources for projects that deliver core business value. Velvot’s service standards don’t stop at application hosting, or just managing your cloud environment. As opposed to a traditional break/fix IT model, our support team proactively monitors all devices, hardware, and systems to create top-tier system efficiency and keep your cloud-based systems and your premise-based assets up and running, always.

We are a strategic IT partner delivering top-level IT support and strategic recommendations that evolve and adapt to your changing business environment. We can help you develop cost-effective, flexible support options right-sized to fit your needs. Our highly responsive team of IT experts will update and manage your systems to ensure your users are able to work efficiently and without disruption.

The Value of your IT Investment

You Deserved

Your organization deserved to explore the full potentials of your IT Investments by ensuring you services are up and running all the time. Businesses today operate in a revolutionized world by constantly adapting to changes. The pace at which technology is advancing, your organization deserved the right strategies that are agile, innovative, transformative and optimal to respond to marketing dynamics and stay competent to sustain profits. You deserved to focus more on core business not IT distractions.

We offer you

Our approach to Managed Services helps you maintain a high-performing, agile IT system. We go beyond the typical vendor relationship as we partner with business and IT leaders in your organization to help you continually evolve how technology can help you fuel Innovation and stay competent. Our end-to-end suite of Managed Services offers state-of-the-art methodology, tools, and expertise to manage your enterprise IT by leveraging our people, expertise, technology and processes.

Services we manage

Licensing Management

Both cloud and on-premise license are manage by us so you can focus on other things.

Identity Management

We secure and manage Identity for your staffs and company devices.

Infrastructure Management

be rest assured that your Infrastructure is well manage when we are there.

Security Management

We secure your servers, networks, Data and the processes involved.

Capacity and Availability Management

We ensured a 24/7/365 availability and reliability of your IT services.

Application and Database Management

Never lose any of your applications data, we ensured high availability, Backup and failover

System Integration and Implementation

Integration of your business process so that you can work seamlessly and be productive.

Windows Servers Management

We manage your servers and ensured security and availability.

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