Cortana Intelligence Suite

Transform your corporate data into intelligent action with a fully managed big data and advanced analytics suite

Cortana Intelligence Suite can help you connect, prepare, orchestrate, and monitor your business

Cortana Intelligence is a Suite of service offerings on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, which enable businesses to transform the data into Intelligent Actions. The following is a high level diagram which shows where exactly Cortana Intelligence Suite fits in the overall Data Analytics Ecosystem.

Data can be extracted from a variety of data sources including applications, files, logs, devices and sensors, and a variety of Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) systems. There are various offerings as part of Cortana Intelligence Suite which enable data engineers and power users to extract valuable insights from such variety of data sources and deliver them to decision makers, applications, and automated systems enabling them to take intelligent actions.

Cortana Intelligence Suite Highlights

Here are the highlights of Cortana Intelligence Suite:

  • A fully managed Big Data and Advanced Analytics Suite enabling businesses transform data into intelligent actions.
  • An excellent offering perfectly suited for handling modern day data sources, data formats, and data volumes to gain valuable insights.
  • Offers various preconfigured solutions like Forecasting, Churn, Recommendations, etc.
  • Apart from the big data and analytical services, Cortana Intelligence Suite also includes some of the advanced intelligence services – Cortana, Bot Framework, and Cognitive Services.
  • Contains services to capture the data from a variety of data sources, process and integrate the data, perform advanced analytics, visualize and collaborate, and gain intelligence out of it.
  • Offers all the benefits of Cloud Computing like scale, elasticity, and pay-as-you-go model, etc.

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