The soul of Every Modern Business

Rediscover the soul of your business and become a greater champion.


The status quo need to be changed and the the state of the art your IT Infrastructure need to be redefined to excel the full potentials of your business while driving Innovation, Increasing productivity and making profits.

Transform your IT department to an innovation hub that support your core business objectives.

But to achieve this, you need a new vision for IT. That vision needs to combine liquid applications with intelligent platforms and connected ecosystems. Velvot’s Technology Services can help you build the IT vision that’s right for your business.

Going Digital

Harness the opportunity and power of digital transformation and move your business to the next level. the new digital era transform businesses and ensures maximum productivity, reliability, scalability and mobility of your operations. It’s a proven that the more you go digital the higher productivity and profits you’ll make. A lot of enterprises are going digital don’t be left behind.

The digital journey has begun

Lets our experts help you transform your business to the digital world.

Digital innovation is transforming how businesses operate and how people work

Embrace the digital capabilities that will revolutionize your business. Create immersive digital customer experiences, change the way employees work and rethink your business models.

The Digital Transformation

We are at the forefront of digital transformation. In the future, everything will be digitally connected and people expect to have access to real-time information. The scope of organizations shifts to the core competencies and key focus areas. For each focus area, organizations will develop new services in co-creation with partners who will contribute their unique expertise and resources. These new types of collaboration span supply chains and introduce a number of key challenges:

  • Creation of an up-to-date overview of all relevant information
  • Acknowledgement of shared responsibilities and ownership
  • Safeguarding availability of required functionality in the supply chain
  • Ability to maintain the possibility for individual flexibility and innovation
  • Setting up commercial agreements among collaborating partners
  • Ensuring security and compliance across the supply chain

The challenge can be overcome by

The technical requirements to address these challenges will not be met by simply adjusting current systems. What is needed is a system designed from scratch to address the challenges mentioned above. A system that supports the digital transformation of organizations and enables them to adopt today’s and tomorrow’s practices.

“so how about my on-premise Infrastructure? how can I transform them to reach my maximum business technology goals.” 
We know that you’ll be thinking that way right now, but hey, don’t worry we’ve got you covered, we have team of exceptional expert in system design and infrastructure management.


Some on-premise areas we support and manage are 

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Network Design and Configuration

With a tidal wave of new applications, big data analytics, and cloud-based services coming to your data center, there’s an every-increasing demand on your network’s finite bandwidth. When you combine these trends with a growing mobile workforce that is using various types of devices and mobile applications, you’re being asked to respond to even greater and more complex infrastructure and security challenges. Fortunately, Velvot experts are ready to help you identify and deploy the right network solution.

Servers Deployment and Management

Whether you want to connect mobile employees, centralize big data files, move applications to the cloud, or just run mail and messaging, deploying the right server solution is the key to making it happen. Let the latest generation servers drive your business. Velvot provides rack, tower, and blade server solutions that can boost application performance while providing industry-leading manageability, versatility, and operational efficiency. If you want to explore converged infrastructures, Velvot solution architects are ready to help.

Original Hardware Supply

We supply original and quality IT Gadgets. Explore the latest technologies that facilitate workflows and can set you apart. Our supplies Include;

Printers Servers Networking
  • laser Printers
  • Blade Servers
  • Switches
  • Inkjet Printers
  • Rack Servers
  • Wireless Access Points
  • MFPs (Multifunction Printers)
  • Tower Servers
  • Network Interface Adapters
  • 3D Printers
  • Server Accessories
  • Routers
  • Printer Supplies
  • Network Accessories
  • Scanners & Accessories

Wondering how to achieve absolute digital transformation? take a time and fill the form, our Technical and business advisory experts will guide you through.