In a modern classroom, technology acts as a catalyst to improve student learning outcomes and to promote global digital citizenry. Check out how today’s classrooms are evolving to give students the opportunities they deserve.
When students have access to educational devices, their learning outcomes inevitably improve. The 1:1 paradigm serves to democratize education so that every student has the opportunity to succeed.
And when students are able to access learning tools included in Windows 10, they are able to reap the biggest benefits afforded in educational technology.
At Velvot Nigeria Limited, we want to help your district on the journey to creating a brighter future for your students.
Take an in-depth look at the 1:1 paradigm, a scenario in which schools are equipped to provide every student with a device to facilitate more connected and meaningful learning. Examine the detailed process of how today’s schools are moving toward a future where every student has equal educational opportunities.

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