Velvot Group Limited is a 21st century digital transformative solutions and services firm that provides emerging and business critical technology solutions with expert guidance that ensures clients’ success in this digital era.

Founded in 2015, the group has established itself as a top Cloud, IT and Tech solution provider in Africa; it has transformed how organizations work, collaborate, engage, analyze and report to meet key business objectives and thrive in an ever-changing world.

Velvot Group has a clear mission, which is to offer total cost-effective, next-generational digital transformation technologies to its clients in Africa, and a vision to be the preferred digital strategy partner by using Tech intensity for the entire IT-Ecosystem of Africa.

Velvot was listed as one of the top-20 African Tech companies by C10 Review, a leading Tech and IT monitoring group. C10 Review projects that Africa will soon catch-up with global startup and innovative culture, with the expansion of tech hubs in Africa scaling up to just about 30 percent in the last few years.

They also opine that Africa promises to be the quickest growing continent for developers, with the prospect of Microsoft, the world’s biggest software company, to initiate development centers worth $100 million by 2023. Velvot has already positioned itself to achieve all these projections by C10 Review.

The group which is just six years has spread its footprints to over 47 African countries offering Microsoft technologies and modern I.T solutions. In Nigeria for instance, Velvot Group has become a household name, as it offers IT, Cloud and Tech solutions to multinationals, private and government agencies in the country.

With its headquarters in Lagos Nigeria, Velvot Group recently opened a branch office in Yola, Adamawa State. The Northern branch of the company is designed to provide cutting-edge IT solutions to its clients in the Northern region, and according to the Chief Executive Officer of Velvot “Northern Nigeria needs a stable and reliable digital service partner for the numerous businesses that are there. These companies should be able to access innovative business-critical tech solution without having to travel to other cities and states away from the region”.

Not only in Nigeria has the group implanted its footprints; Velvot has also developed resource centers functioning with competent IT and Tech gurus in African countries such as Ghana, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Mauritius, South Africa, among others.

The group has successfully penetrated these countries by offering cost-effective and world-class Tech products and services based on the high standards set by their partners (Microsoft, Google and Amazon and Sophos). And they are set to take over Africa in a couple of years with their strong expansion tactics, as they envisage a ‘Digitalized Africa’.

In 2020, Velvot became a Microsoft Tier 1 CSP Partner in Africa; this partnership according to the Chief Executive Officer, Aliyu Garba, will enable Velvot build the best possible Cloud experience for businesses across Africa.

So also will the partnership with Microsoft, Amazon and Google. These partnerships have improved the level of service delivery for Velvot Group; now, the group offers innovative I.T solutions that amplify the impact of clients by creating enhanced and optimized user experiences. In May 15, 2021, Velvot became a Sophos Authorized Partner; Sophos Group is a leading next-generation cyber-security protection organization, and Velvot’s partnership with Sophos will increase their visibility and reach, and also improve their service delivery across Africa.

Velvot also implements the use of automated process which is vital to ensuring organizational efficiency and business productivity. Among the services Velvot provides include the following: Cloud Services, Automation and Collaboration, Application Development, Security and Compliance, complete Microsoft tools, domain creation and web hosting, among others; they have also developed programs, software and applications to help modern businesses in Africa to accelerate their growth.

As a ‘new-generation’ IT and Tech provider in Africa, Velvot believes that everything will be digitalized in the nearest future, and Africa will have no choice but to navigate the ‘new-normal’ by finding new digitalized ways of getting real-time information and solutions. Within six years of its existence, the group has grown to become a leading name in Africa when it comes to business and technology consultation, as it offers guidance to organizations irrespective of their stage in development.

Velvot prides itself as not only being a service provider, but also a research-oriented group; it invests into innovative research and development so that it can better serve the following industries in Africa:

  • Retail and consumer services: Using Microsoft Projects that are built specifically for retail businesses and fine-tuned to meet individual business needs, Velvot seeks to shift or rather change the way retail organizations operate. Some of Velvot retail tools include Dynamic 365, AX Microsoft Dynamics, E-Commerce, etc. Velvot offers industry-specific products and expertise needed for any organization to remain competitive in Africa.
  • Government Solution: Velvot provides integrated technology solutions to Government agencies; Velvot integrates cloud solutions that meet standard requirements for federal, state, local and regional governments in Africa.
  • Financial services: Velvot enables financial institutions to increase productivity and exceed consumer expectations, while also meeting regulatory compliance standards.
  • Education: With Microsoft Education Solution, Velvot helps clients in the education sector, to discover end-to-end education solutions to manage schools effectively and efficiently; Velvot  provides a complete student and courses management solution, provides collaboration solutions among students and the school management via email, instant messaging and video calling.
  • Manufacturing and resources: Velvot provides tools that will make production and manufacturing of goods and services efficient; these tools will help reduce production cost and reduce fluctuation. With new industry specific software solutions, Velvot will help organizations in Africa to accelerate growth and innovation, drive operational efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Health: Velvot provides the technology to reduce claims, optimize loss ratios, offer wellness programs and detect frauds and threats.

Velvot is taking over the IT, Tech and Cloud world in Africa, and it plans to spread its reach across Africa and beyond.

According to the CEO, Aliyu Garba, “Velvot has just what any organization, business. Government, education sector and industry verticals in Africa need;  from providing well-tailored specialized guidance, to advanced IT, Cloud security, etc. Soon, Velvot will have branches even in remote places, to provide IT and Tech services, and take Africa from the ‘dark’ to a ‘bright’ digitalized future”


Source: Vanguard News