Schools don’t always have the resources to dedicate to threat detection, but you can add a member to your team that can help. #Microsoft is using AI to scan, understand, and respond to threats as they evolve, so you don’t have to.

81% of breaches are caused by compromised user accounts. For educational institutions with a constantly shifting student user base and a large number of external users, including adjunct professors and parents, keeping these accounts secure can be a real challenge.

That’s why Azure Active Directory Identity Protection monitors for and blocks risky sign-ins. It can track who is allowed to access what, and uses AI analytics to ensure the sign-ins are legitimate.

At Velvot Nigeria Limited, we want to keep the focus on your students and educators. Let us handle the rest.

To us, Advanced Threat Protection is a process that works to holistically safeguard your organization and your users from all angles. Check out this info graphic to learn more about the various elements of Advanced Threat Protection, all working in concert to provide the best possible security strategy for your school while reducing complexity.